Roaming wifi network connectivity issue with Nexus 4. Help requested


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Nov 22, 2010
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I have a weird problem. i recently moved into 3 floor townhouse and noticed a weird issue with my Nexus 4. I created roaming wifi network consisting of Actiontec MI424WR-GEN2 Revision F router with wifi enabled and apple airport express n version. I have created same ssid on both actiontec and airport express with same password. Actiontec is on channel 11 and airport express is on channel 5. Problem i'm having is that my nexus 4 refuses to transfer from one access point to another one. I have few areas where actiontec is pretty much dead on terms of coverage but airport express is fine and has very good signal. I also have a laptop that seems to transfer fine. Did i misconfigure something on my nexus 4 or on my roaming wifi network setup? trying to figure this out and can't

any help is appreciated