ROGphone 2 from Galaxy Note 10+

Hermes Hidayat

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Feb 6, 2017
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First of all. I was a bit hesitant because Asus Indonesia took forever to start selling the 12/512 version. And there were a lot of non official 8/128 Tencent version. And finally after 3 months of waiting, i finally got the Official 12/512 version. I do still have my Galaxy Note 10+. But im planning to sell it. Because honestly this ROGphone 2 is pure overkill and it costs USD$178 cheaper than the N10+ 12/512.

*Okay lets start with what i disliked about the ROGphone 2. *

1. No wireless charging. (yeah yeah i know they gave us 2 ports)

2. Heavy.

3. Camera is so so compared to my N10+ but since it's a gaming phone it does well enough.

4. Lack of accessories and the accessories costs a lot.

*Things i like about the ROGphone 2.*

1. Wifi is super powerful, been 3 days and no disconnecting and it's range is also further compared to N10+.

2. Cellular signal is also super powerful. (when making this thread im in the spot where i usually use my N10+ and it wouldnt have signal, but with the ROGphone 2 it has 4G signal and it works.)

3. Speakers... Hehe.... Speakers... They are... Very loud... Trust me... They are... Even with Outdoor Mode off. Its loud.

4. Can bypass security policies to lock with 3rd party apps and unlock by FPS or Face recognition.

5. Its blazing fast... 12GB with SD855+... Overclocked by ROG bla bla... Its fast. No normal user will ever complain about speed...

6. Camera... For a gaming phone, it takes good pictures. Not Mate 30 Pro grade or N10+ grade but its good enough.

Thats it for now. Ill update as time pass.

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