[ROM][ACS] Koni's ELITE Series II - (ES2 - 02/25/11) - It's the Art of Speed!!!


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Mar 2, 2011
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Konikub and the Android Creative Syndicate present...



? All the good stuff in Series I
? New custom boot animation
? Added black themed HTC messaging app (Thanks JsChiSurf)
? Switch the battery icon & signal icon's position (Thanks JsChiSurf)
? Changed some taskbar icons
? Optimized pngs throughout the ROM
? Reduced ROM size
? HTC Calculator (removed gingerbread calc)
? Removed File Explorer (alot prefer Astro)
? Added themed HTC Camera
? Added Semi-transparent Genie Widget
? Added Honeycomb spinners
? Added Honeycomb analog clock
? Dark themed Google Talk (Thanks 1975jamie)
? Smooth download animation
? Smooth upload animation
? Themed Google search (Thanks Myn)
? Themed Friendstream widget
? Themed Twitter widget
? Themed messaging widget
? ELITE themed vanilla lockscreen (optional)
? ELITE themed Swype
? ELITE themed unread count widget (optional)
? Remove Taskbar Clock by omegasun18 (optional)
? Dark themed smooth calendar
? Black themed Market by nuvens (optional install - or you can uninstall last market update to get the blue market back)
? ELITE themed Launcher Pro by omegasun18 (optional install)
? No percent ELITE battery (optional install)
? Gindger Bread launcher colorized (optional install)
? Other bugs fixed

Installation Instructions:

1. Download Rom.
2. Reboot into Recovery.
3. Perform Nandroid backup
4. Wipe dalvik cache and cache
5. Flash the rom.
6. Reboot.
7. The first boot will take longer then usual (new resources.arsc)

In ES2, my prime objective was solely user experience. Even faster, new tweaks, features...and an over all theme cohesiveness. I have optimized each .apk & .png to increase the speed/smoothness, in turn reducing the size of the ROM even smaller then in Series I.

ELITE Series II has been fully optimized, and also built up...with a few great ideas/suggestions that were posted in the thread. From an ELITE themed swype, to a messaging app that works for everyone, and not just 'most'. I keep a close record of all requests and suggestions by you, and try my very hardest to make it happen. ACS and I thank all of you for the welcomed support on the ELITE Series ROM, and we look forward to many more future releases with you.

Thanks again everyone for your amazing support....

Thanks to: Aamikam for his work on optimizing all the apks and .pngs and for the best combination of animations. Pseudoremora for the second post upkeep, and for framework mods. JsChiSurf for power control widgets mod, compact taskbar clock, 33 frame battery charging animation....and SO much more! Myn for Rosie setting app, and sound advice. Bustadroid for square glass app icons. Manup456 for wallpaper and insanly hot themed music app. Wes342 for help with animation. Last but certainly not least, thanks to the awesome folks of Android Creative Syndicate and team founder, Rjmjr69.

Feedback is always welcome...I would love to hear your thoughts. Ideas and requests could very well make their way into ELITE Series III. Add-on's will be posted for those who wish to use other keyboards, music apps, email clients and more.

Check back often for updates to ELITE and be on the lookout for more exciting things from Android Creative Syndicate.

From spontaneous ingenuity, comes creative brilliance.

Download link:


Optional downloads:

SMS_Rosie_ELITE-Signed.zip - Preview



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Mar 2, 2011
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? Official Sprint base 3.70.651.1 - stock kernel
? Notification power control (Thanks JsChiSurf)
? WP7 themed Gingerbread keyboard (Konikub)
? MIUI music player themed (Manup456)
? Smooth Battery Charging animation (Thanks JsChiSurf)
? ?Ad-Free? app added
? Custom SpareParts
? New HTC flipclock skin (Konikub)
? Compact taskbar clock (Thanks JsChiSurf)
? Gingerbread calculator (Thanks Myn)
? Black Gmail app (Thanks virus)
? Warm themed Gmail (2.3.2) (Thanks Myn & Scarfacedag)
? Working HotSpot
? Fully themed taskbar (Konikub)
? New themed dialer skin (Konikub)
? Transparent themed Market (Thanks Pendo)
? Nexus S live wallpaper
? Hulu to support latest Flash update
? Wireless tether
? YouTube update
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Jan 31, 2011
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I must say this Rom is very very nice been using for about 4 days now with kernel Netarchy 4.32 CFS More and battery life for ME is amazing.This is my favorite right now along with CYanogen Nightlies.I have the extended 3500 and i take my phone off charge at about 9-10am and when i go to sleep at about 3am i still have about 20% batt left. Im also using Juice Defender.The only problem i have with the rom is when you wake the screen and immediately try to swype to unlock it freezes a little then unlocks. You will love this rom.Try this icon pack with it you will fall in love.http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=962242

Thanks Konikub
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