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Nov 25, 2010
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Source: [ROM] Frankenstein FROYO vd25xxx,EXT4 ONLY/CWM3 Preferred...
Updated 2/12/2011/ < - xda-developers.

Version vd25xxx :::

●In this version I changed some minor things and will be working on the details of everything that comes with the Base ROM,MyROM,and each update.zip will have more info also.
So Now you have a choose of 2 ROMs.
First choose is a clean slate base ROM (85.6mb).
Then you have MyFrankenstein,this ROM is what I run on my phone,this has more apps and just works (120mb),I will be posting more info on whats inside soon...

REBUILT,only works with EXT4....
pre-rooted,deodexed with CWM redirect
MeatCurtains recompiled dvm cooked in (stable for me) = Thanks MeatCurtains
DK28 Nebula 1.06 base = Thanks plapczyn
EXT4 support = Thanks Dameon87
Custom Launcher Pro integrated,its the only launcher installed,this prevents 2 a.core processes from running.
Custom Launcher Pro icons = Thanks Zeinzu.
Custom Launcher Pro wallpapers = Thanks CM team.
Added live wallpapers,also includes Nexus S LWP...
Viper sound hack = Thanks Viper.
Midnight Dialer = Thanks Midnight.
Inverted Google search.
ClockPackage.apk added = alarm clock,world clock,stopwatch,timer.
Wireless tether 2.05 RC1
Genie widget added, news and weather
Battery 1% mod = Thanks ????.
wifi scan interval set to 3 minutes.
Gingerbread youtube.
Bubble MMS.
3g to 4G icons reverted back to 3G.
More pure black added to theme in v10.
*New Blacked out MIUI music player = Thanks to me.
Black themed market = REMOVED sorry
Black Genie Widget = Thanks to me,work in progress.
Inverted Gmail = Back and working perfect,Thanks ????
Cooked initramfs = Thanks noobnl
Cooked build.prop = 56m heap (helps with flash)+ 60 max events.
GPS fix = Thanks Mammon
Data governer killer = Thanks Viper
Some Heroes icons = Thanks earthbound[iap]
As much pure black as possible = battery saver.
No Sprint bloatware.
New boot ani/sound,new shutdown sound (ani soon),FIXED no pauses.
Custom ringtones,2 new for now,look for A_LOUD,and system,these tones have been amped up.
AOSP calculator - Thanks CM team.
No myfiles = can be replaced by Astro for free.
No live wallpapers = Update.zip coming soon in app store.
No Swype = Just dont like it as much anymore,update.zip coming soon.
Programs auto zip align at boot = Thanks Mammon I think
Many other things removed = nothing serious
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