Rookie on Nookie...driver issue/question (Froyo on SD)


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Feb 20, 2011
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First of all... I've been a voyeur on AC for over a year, but I only joined in Feb. This is my first post. I am sorry if it sounds ridiculous...You are all such helpful, informative people, and I'm glad to be here.

I have a NookColor and last night I flashed Froyo to an SD card, and that went smoothly. It is up and running on the NC. However, I ran into trouble when I went to install GAPPS and other apk's. I am using the Beta version of Sideloader. (I upgraded Net4 etc, it's not SWM that is the issue, the original didn't work either ftr)... Every time I go to install any apk it says "device not found." So that is my first question.... am I correct in my research findings that I need to install the NC driver first?

I read for hours and hours through the forums and found that other people are having an issue with the driver for NC. I found a few links for the NC driver with ADB (which on a side note, I thought I didn't need ADB if using SWM)

So here's the second and really stupid question: I have not "rooted" my nook, I am only booting Froyo from SD but in the "troubleshooting" info for the driver it says "make sure you are rooted." Is running froyo from SD considered a root? This is where I am trying to get my driver from: [DRIVER PACK] Easy USB ADB Installer for Windows (32/64 bit) - xda-developers

So basically - I have froyo on my nook booting from SD, but I can't get SWM to recognize the device. I am a (very obvious) rookie so I need the most simple directions I can get... if you are willing! THANKS! :-[