Rooted and Debloated


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Nov 21, 2010
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So I rooted and debloated my SF and am very pleased with the results.

Yesterday, I took my phone to VZW because the battery life sucked. With normal usage I would get only 3 hours of battery life on a BRAND NEW battery (they replaced it last week since the old one was overheating).

Well, VZW is sending me a new SF today (because their only troubleshooting is replace battery, then replace phone). So, I decided to give rooting a try while I have a new phone coming to me tomorrow.

The battery life has been WAY improved since rooting and debloating. Not sure what would have caused this, however. I haven't added any new ROMS/Kernels, just rooted and debloated using Titanium Backup.


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Sep 15, 2010
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Good luck with the replacement. I just had mine replaced (buttons stopped working) and they sent me a refurbished, or "certified", which is normal because I'm out of my 30 days. Anyway, I got one of the ones with the loose volume rocker and a ton of sidetone. That's probably why someone returned it in the first place.

This one is going back and I'll try again. But make sure you try out the one they send you before sending your old one back.