Rooted Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (5100) reboots after 1 minute, PC won't recognize it to flash using Odin.

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Hi, guys. I really need your help.

I have a rooted galaxy Tab 2 10.1 that keeps rebooting every 60 seconds. I cannot do a factory reset as the device cannot allow me to get that far before it reboots.

I tried the volume button+power button to wipe the data but to no avail. All the files and apps are still intact.

The worst thing is that it cannot be recognized by my PC so it cannot be detected by odin both in download mode and in normal mode. I tried installing the latest samsung device drivers and even tried it on different PCs but no joy.

What do you suggest I should do? is there a way I can restore it to the stock firmware? or is there a way I can get it out of the boot loop?