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Rooted phone that has no browser

Julian Willms

New member
Jul 7, 2014
Hey guys i have a problem and was hoping you could help me out

I have a rooted s3 and i deleted the browser via titanium backup a while back, recently i reset my device, totally forgetting about this and now i have no browser so i cant access the internet, i have tried adding the chrome apk by putting it on my micro sd from my computer but it will not let me install the app, any ideas?

Also i forgot to mention that i am getting the "unable to establish a reliable internet connection" google error so i cannot just download something from the play store, this leaves me with literally no internet access.

Also, it still has superSU installed but keeps closing, how do i reroot it
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AC Moderator All-Star
Nov 25, 2010
Best suggestion find a well known ROM and place it on your SD card and flash it. Then you should get all your functionality back.

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