rooted with gingerbreak, now what?


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May 26, 2011
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My woman has an optimus t with t mobile.
I have rooted it with gingerbreak, installed titanium backup, and removed bloatware.
She is still getting the low space warning.
I installed a file manager and deleted the dalvik folder and rebooted.
Sooooo, i don't know why the low space still?
I want to get a custom recovery and rom.
What are the choices? I've been looking for about a week now.MC

Key things are apps2sd, keyboard lag, and stability.
I have cm9 on my opti s and she does not that new.
Cm7 maybe?
I read somewhere that you have to edit something to make our with though?
I'd like to just be able to flash and go.

I can do some editing. But, I'm without a computer. Sooooo, it needs to be something i can do all on the phone