rooting a virgin phone


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Jan 22, 2011
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Hi All,

I am new at this so here goes...

I bought one of the original Evo's when they first came out in early June last year.

I have never updated the phone. The current state:

Firmware 2.1 update 1
Kernel 2.6.29-a2443432
software 1.32.651.6
Hardware 0002
radio -

The phone has never been rooted, I tried with z4root but that didn't work.

So my question is, should I first update to the latest firmware/software 3.70.651.1 and then root? Or root at my current version. I don't feel comfortable right now doing the flash with a rom, at least not today.

I am looking to use unrevolked for the Mac to do it. I have both Mac and PC but the Mac version looks to be the easiest.

I have pdanet an other paid for apps that I do not want to loose. My main goal is to get free wifi going, that's pretty much it. Cleaning up useless Sprint apps would be nice and being able to back up the phone a plus as well.

I appreciate any help with this.

Aloha from Hawaii,


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Jul 31, 2010
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Because you did not update, rooting will be easy as pie. [Program] SimpleRoot .1 ---- 3 Click Root w/ nand unlock!! - xda-developers

That will give you full root, hit extras to flash clockwork recovery.
After you have flashed a recovery i REALLY STRONGLY recommend flashing a custom rom, pick one HERE. Id choose myn;s warm if i was you.

I know nothing i just said make sense, so read the link in my signature :p
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