Rooting Samsung moment 1 click method?


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May 24, 2012
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I have an HTC Hero that has been rooted 1 click method that is no longer usable and had to switch to the Moment so I'm wondering if there is a one click method for the Moment updated to 2.1. I'd like to flash to a vanilla 2.3 rom so if anyone can help me find a one click method and a rom. I don't own a laptop so its difficult for me to do anything as far as hacking this phone goes.

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Oct 27, 2012
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iam new to the whole android phones or any smart phone myself and alot of the tutriols on rooting this phone are a lead around lotta hassle iam still learning i was excellent at building and repairing computers and loading operating systems on theem but this is pretty hard to catch up and understand late into the game

i do have a unused sasung momment that i have been playing with and exsperimenting on till i finally destroy it by accident anyways or brick it , but i have been playing iam haveing trouble learning how to flash the rom on it and update the android but then version i know i used the samsung swupdate lite thats bigger then the full followed that with the instructions and i still couldnt root but u need a computer to flash that upgrade and then i found z4mod,also called z4root and that rooted my samsung momment in 1 click however it has a feature for permiant root and tem root the perm root makes you reset your phone once its finished but doesnt root the phone but if u use the temp root it works perfect roots the phone and then installed superuser and busybox but dunno what to do from there to upgrade the android operating system or rom from there also the temp root is gone once u shut down ur phone and reboot it then u have to run z4mod or z4root again to reroot it
but idk about other versions of z4root by RyanZA i have version 1.3.0 ill have too try others too see if one actually roots and sticks other then just temp root

z4root.apk - download free - 1

anyone after this comment or post know of what i should do from this point to update my androids os from
kernal 2.6.29
firmware version 2.1-update1
model: sph-m900

With root in eclair post here and ill checkup when i can
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