Rooting vs. Jailbreaking


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Sep 30, 2012
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(My apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this)

Are rooting/unlocking bootloader/flashing custom ROM the same as the idea of Jailbreaking on an iPhone? Does iPhones have custom ROMs too that users can install? What are benefits of jailbreaking an iPhone, what extra features can users gain?


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Jul 8, 2012
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iPhone's do not have custom ROMS and it never will have it. iOS is very closed and only works with iphone unlike Android which is open and dev have the freedom to build custom ROM.

usually to root/Jailbreak(to gain root access) you need to unlock boot-loader and then root. most Android manufacturers now provide tools to unlock boot-loader and rooting is very simple after that

In iPhone Apple don't provide any interface to unlock or don't even provide interface for boot-loader. they are all hidden no where to access.

so the only way to get root in iPhone is to find vulnerability in the hardware and exploit it to get root access. which makes it even difficult.

rooting in Android and Jail-breaking in iPhone is same except iphone will modify additional system files


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Dec 28, 2012
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Rooting is simple to do..
Jailbreaking you are restricted to the fact that a known hacker should make the tool so you can jailbreak..

There is no custom ROMs for iOS but you can highly customize your iphone with MANY things that can make like its not even iOS.. since cydia is installed when you jailbreak, inside it you will find many tweaks, themes, system stuff and hacks and much more..

There is many apps in cydia I wish they were in android like "Actovator".. and its more secure, so if you done something wrong and you are harming your iPhone, you will still have safemode to help.

While in rooting you can download custom roms and stuff but its harder and no really a good GUI but you will still have the idea of downloading things.

For me, I like the jailbreak more than rooting and custom ROMs

Even though they both only open you root access :)

Sorry if I have been biased but I like jailbreak and cydia a lot more than rooting in android :p I have iphone 4s and galaxy note 2.

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