Rooting ZTE Merit Help Me Please


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Aug 9, 2013
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I am trying to root my phone to move stuff to my SD card. Now I have tired all kind of things on the Internet.
The way by napalm6283 - first step no pc needed completely did not work, and 2nd step using a pc using the CMD the "su" command did not work. (Yes i left out "" 's) And I downloaded everything at the bottom and put it on the SD card. He not to helpful because he does not break down each step that would be nice.

The way by Kyle Greaney, "The Noobs Guide to Rooting ZTE Merit" gave me two virus's and the file would not go into the SDK Manager correctly like he said it would. I have tired lots of other ones.

Can someone please help break it down into baby steps for me because maybe it to much for me to understand i do not know. Maybe add me on Skype and walk me through it step by step? Please i really need this done ASAP. Screen name on Skype is Xeorty

Model Number: ZTE-Z990G
Android Version: 2.3.5
Baseband Version: Z990B01
Kernel Version:
Build number: Z990GV1.0.0B05
Hardware Version: p5pb
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