S Health losing GPS connection


Jul 17, 2016
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Galaxy Samsung S7
Samsung Gear S3 watch
All updated, no outstanding software updates available.

I having the exact same issue 8 runs out of 10 S Health just stops tracking my distance.
Steps continue to count
Clock conitnues to count

The issue seems to happen when either I stop running - i.e. waiting to cross a road or when I pass under a bridge (bridge is probably 3 metres)... the watch seems to drop out. Only way is to stop and restart.

The interesting thing is if I stop and restart it works straight away - so that tells me I am within GPS signal.

The problem seems to be that if it drops out, it never can reconnect and start again. I have ran 7km, it has dropped out after 2km - yet for the rest of the other 5km - your telling me that I was never in GPS signal to pick up again ??

Can someone confirm that if I have my watch connected via Bluetooth, is the S Health app taking GPS from the watch itself or from the phone?


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Dec 30, 2013
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I had something similar the other day, but while walking. No distance recorded.. Still not sure why. I had read somewhere a while ago that the watch will take phone GPS when connected but haven't seen that written anywhere else. My auto detected actives work fine. Haven't tried it again yet.. It's odd.. May be worth reporting to Samsung.