May 24, 2016
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Hi everyone!
I'm very new to owning an Android phone (coming from a blackberry user).

I have the Galaxy Note 5

I'm trying to understand the s voice---I can get it to call via voice command, but I can't seem to get it to text via voice command, or read back a text. I've searching the net and youtube for tutorials but am not finding any for the Note 5.

Not sure why it's not reading my contacts to text from voice, or how to get it to read a text back----I can call via voice which is what I use more when driving, but I'm just confused as to why I can't send a text via voice----I know there's another app from Google, but I found that one didn't make any sense: You have to hit send manually after using your voice to text? That's not safe to do and drive, and I couldn't figure out how to get it to read texts back.

Thanks for any help you can offer :)

Thanks for the response: Not sure why I can't respond to answers. I'm not sure how to find the 'drive mode' enabled, so I just disabled S voice. It's not something I absolutely need--was just curious to try. I found it more frustrating than not---you had to physically end a call which makes no sense to me. If you're using a voice command, it should end automatically. I may look into it another time :D
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Sep 4, 2013
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I haven't used S Voice in a long while, and I might get back to this once I order the Galaxy Note7.

But is driving mode enabled, if it exists? It should read back text messages.

And S Voice should be able to send messages via voice.

On a side note, Google Now's voice recognition feature not doing well? I was able to send texts and Whatsapp messages without touching the screen at one point.