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Jul 14, 2021
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Alex waited for what felt like an eternity when Mandy walked back into the house. Before he could say anything Mandy started, “Rob, her son is visiting her this week. Bumped into him in their driveway. Guess his sister is coming over too.” Mandy looked pissed as she walked back to her window. Sure enough a guy about their age walked out of Wendy’s house and started talking to her. When she didn’t respond he went over and shook her. There was still no response and Alex started to get worried. What if he called an ambulance? Rob felt Wendy’s neck. His hand lingered there for a little while but he then stood up straight and looked around.

Mandy and Alex watched in astonishment as Rob bent back over his mother and began to feel one of her tits. Rob hadn’t wasted any time and had slid his hand right down the cup of her bathing suit and began kneading her large but saggy tits. Mandy reached back and began massaging Alex’s **** through his shorts. Rob dropped to his knees and pulled his mom’s tits out of the swimsuit. He looked around again before wrapping his mouth around her big areolas. He squeezed her tits hard and almost lost himself in the feeling of her hardening nipples in his mouth.

Mandy and Alex saw Rob shoot back up to standing almost as quickly as this had started. He stuffed Wendy’s tits back into her top and gave her another theatrical shake. A small blonde stepped out of the house. Mandy could feel Alex’s **** twitch at the tight body rocking a floral sundress. She was a caricature of what Mandy hated in other women. Mandy and Alex watched them talk a bit and then the two of them picked up Wendy and walked her back into the house. Rob came out and grabbed her empty wine cooler and her magazine and gave one last look around.

Mandy was smiling as she turned around to face Alex. Her hand was still on his ****. She released him and laid on the bed, stripping off her shorts and underwear, exposing her waxed ****. “Eat me out, I need to think.”

Alex got on his knees and dove between her thighs. She was already pretty wet so it didn’t take long before he felt her ***** start to contract against his finger. He had grown so used to going down on her it was almost a reflex to start pushing on her lower stomach to slow her bucking so he could keep up and finish her. She began to shake and Alex knew he was almost done. She let out a cry and Alex pulled his face back and stood. In seconds he’d dropped his shorts and dug his **** into his cousin. He loved the feeling of her velvety snatch, but he was a little disheartened with how distant Mandy was. He laughed internally, he was fine ******* her passed out body, but if she was disinterested it messed with his mojo.

He was getting a little mad and pulled out of her and gave her a smack on her *****. She reddened where he’d impacted her and she looked at him in shock. He hadn’t slapped her without her asking since she started making him **** her. Before she could say anything he’d rolled her over onto her stomach and slapped her fat *** a couple more times. The red handprints on her *** and the shocked expression on her face were enough to get him back in the mood. He grabbed her hair and reentered her snatch.

It didn’t take long for Alex to *** having found his new confidence in ******* her. Mandy had grabbed her wand off her bedside table and was working herself to a second orgasm. She’d been so caught up with leveraging Alex she’d forgotten how amazing it was to get properly dominated. She squeezed her ***** as she started to ***. This was all Alex needed and soon he was dumping his load in his cousin’s eager *****. He pulled out of her sloppy hole and gave her *** another slap.

When they finally caught their breath Mandy shared her plan. It was pretty simple. She wanted to drug and **** the neighbors. Not just Wendy but all of them. She asked Alex how much cash he had on him and he coughed up $140. She decided this’d have to do, she might have to throw in a ******* or two. She told Alex she’d take care of everything that all he would have to do is **** Wendy and her daughter when the time came. Alex thought pleasantly about the neighbor girl’s ******* and wondered how tight it really was.

The following day Mandy asked to get driven into town to run errands. She came back and handed two bags to Alex. As he looked at them Mandy smiled and showed she still had a load in her mouth. She swallowed, “The blues ones in that first bag are for you and Rob, the pink ones will be for Wendy and her sweet little daughter. The other bag has something to get them in the mood.” Alex pocketed the pills. Mandy continued, “We’re having dinner with them tonight, Rob invited us. You just need to figure out to get those in everyone’s drinks and then I’ll take care of the rest.”

Dinner came around and Mandy walked into the living room. She was wearing a sundress that showed of her fat tits and tapered down concealing her thicker bits. She flashed her bare *** to Alex to make it obvious she wasn’t wearing panties. Alex was holding a bottle of wine and wordlessly headed to the door.

The dinner itself wasn’t too bad. It seemed that Wendy had wanted the two there so she could make slights against Mandy’s dad. Rob spent most of the night staring at Mandy’s tits. Alex tried to make small talk with Amber, Wendy’s daughter, but wasn’t getting anywhere with the pretty girl. Eventual they were done eating and had finished the wine on the table. Alex saw his opportunity, “I’ll crack open another bottle, let me get it.” He did his best to not make it obvious he was slipping something into each glass when he poured it. He was relieved when he poured the last glass and nobody said anything. Alex was reluctant to take the little blue pill but knew Mandy would make a big deal if he didn’t.
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