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Hello i bought a 21 Fe 6Gb/128Gb with snapdragon 888.

Updated to latest OS version etc.

I see on youtube videos a camera shutter sound enable/disable option under camera settings between "settings to keep" and "feedback vibration". I don't have this camera shutter sound setting, and i'm wondering if it got removed in the lastest update or if it's an exclusive of some brands or what's the matter here?

Another thing: I installed Cpu-z and under "thermal" i can only see 2 thermal sensors, namely:

On my old S7 i see loads of thermal sensors, and it seems odd that on a newer phones there aren't at least as many, if not more sensors.

Did i buy a fake S21 Fe? or what's going on here? how to check if all is ok?

Also, how to switch to telephoto lense? if i keep zoomming after 1x it doesn't immediately switch to telephoto, infact even if i block the telephoto lense the camera remain visible until maybe 8 or 10x.. maybe i can't find the setting
Thanks for your help, if anyone else has a s21 fe and can give me some help or feedback it'd be appreciated.


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Dec 6, 2011
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Welcome to Android Central.

Are you looking beyond that location for the Shutter sound? I've not run into a device that doesn't offer the sound. Some that don't offer the option to turn off the sound but none that don't offer the sound. What I think may be happening is the option isn't available in the present mode. I've seen options change based on what mode the camera is in, so if you are in video mode the option for a shutter sound may not be available because video doesn't use the shutter sound. Make sure you are in Photo mode and then check your whole settings list just be sure.

Unfortunately I don't know anything about CPU-Z or the search for thermal sensors but also remember that you have the budget model of that device. Changes were made to reduce the price, and perhaps less sensors were some of them?

As for the zoom that is normal. The reason that there are so many cameras is because each one has it's niche thing based on lighting, zoom level or composition and at least on the S22 telephoto doesn't kick in until 10x zoom. I think the telephoto lens is also used for macro shots. I remember having issues getting macro shots on the S20+ and getting this surprising answer. Here is a link to that conversation... https://forums.androidcentral.com/s...-ever-am-i-missing-something.html#post6900603

I think these question would be welcome in the S21 threads where S21 users could answer and perhaps have more insight in the issues that you bring up. To receive notifications when others reply to your thread and to leave comments of your own please take a minute to create an account. It will help you communicate and get help. This link will help you do that... https://forums.androidcentral.com/ask-question/409154-join-android-central-community-new-post.html

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