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I'm having a very strange issue with the s22 ultra. I upgraded from a note 10 about a month ago. I charge the s22 ultra on a wireless samsung charger on a night stand. I've been woken up multiple times to a the screen turning on and a clicking sound coming from the phone. It looks like the phone is trying to unlock itself with the fingerprint reader and failing. It will eventually lock so you have to type in your password to get into the phone. That is usually 5 failed fingerprint unlock attempts. I am starting to think my phone is compromised or someone is attempting to hack it. It was only setup a month ago and I also have malwarebytes running on it.

Anyone have any ideas or ever experience this? It is freaking me out! I can't find anything similar when googling.

It only happens in the middle of the night when charging it seems. If i catch it happening and take it off the charger it stops. Sometimes when i wake up I have to put in the password to get into the phone so I know it happened that night.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Is this an official Samsung wireless charger, or some cheap 3rd party one? If the latter, I'd wonder if it's just poor quality, perhaps not well-shielded, and therefore generating an electromagnetic field that could be affecting the screen. This kind of thing can happen with poorly shielded charging cables as well, I think.

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