S22U or Fold4


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Nov 1, 2013
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I'm looking for some input on which phone to get. I'm a long time Apple user switching to the Android platform. Getting bored of Apple's "innovations". They make great phones, but it's been the same experience for years.

I currently have the Fold 4 and love it. Multi-tasking is amazing, media consumption is like nothing else on a phone. I'm liking the narrower cover screen for quick replies, notification checking and easy one handed use. My only complaint so far is the battery life. Coming from a 13 Pro Max, I was spoiled with amazing battery life, all day and usually into the next. I've made as many tweaks as I can to improve the battery in the Fold4, 60htz, turn off 5G, removed the bloatware, put unused apps to sleep or removed them, shut down background syncing. I'm currently getting between 4.5-5 SoT. Coming from the iPhone with the 8-10 SoT hours I was getting, I'd rather not have to carry a battery pack with me as I'm not always in the office.

My typical usage is lots of emails, spreadsheet viewing, a couple hours of calls and texting. Some media viewing when work is slow. Don't have Facebook, I heard that app can drain the battery, limited Instagram and the odd time killer game.

I'm looking for anyone who has used both the Fold4 and S22U for opinions on battery life between the two, I don't necessarily need the big screen the Fold4 offers, although it is nice,just a battery that will get me through the day without needing to charge up midway through my work day.


Mar 6, 2012
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This is a conundrum! Have you also watched reviews of the devices? That may help you make a decision. I recommend Flossy Carter -- especially since he uses the phone for a long period of time and discusses things like battery life and real-life usage.

Good luck with your purchasing decision, and please keep us posted!

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