S23 Ultra won't charge with 3rd Party Wireless


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Mar 17, 2014
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HI All,

I'm having an issue charinging my S23 Ultra in my 3rd party wireless car charger mount. The green circle appearsin the center of the screen with the percentage but stops within a couple of seconds, even without a case.

The charger works properly with my S22 Ultra and older phones. My S23 Ultra charges properly in Samsung branded home wireless chargers.

  1. Could there possibly be a setting on the S23 Ultra that won't let it charger with non-OEM chargers?
  2. What might cause a wireless charger to work properly with S22 Ultra in a case and other older phones in thicker cases but not the S23 Ultra?

For the most part the transfer was fine. Apps and files went over without a huge amount of setup on the new phone.

Back when I got my S20 (Maybe even S10 I purchased a Kenu wireless charger and mount for my car. The charger has continued working with all of my Samsung devices without issue.

Last year I went with the Ultra for first time. Due to it's size I had to downgrade from the OtterBox Defenfer to the Commuter so that it would physically fit in Kenu mount. Even with the dual layer Commuter case the phone charged without issue.

I bought another Commuter series case for my S23 Ultra.

My problem:
I bought another Commuter series case for my S23 Ultra.

On my first road trip I realised there was a problem. I put the phone into the wireless charger. The phone immediately recognised the charger and the green circle appeared in the center of the screen with the percentage.

Sometime later I got a low battery warning and realised the phone hadn't been charging.

I pulled over at the next rest area and reinserted the phone the charger and again the green charging circle appeared. I continued watching the screen and the lightning bolt appearred over the battery icon. Within a second the lightning bolt disappeared and the phone was no longer charging.

My first instinct was that it was the thickness of the case. I tried taking it out of the case and reinserting in the charger but the same thing happened. Tried different positions in the charger with the same result.

I tried my S22 Ultra and it worked as always.

My S23 charges properly with all of my other wireless chargers. I even dug out my oldest Samsung wireless charger from my S8 and no problems.

My car charger is the only one giving a problem and the only one that's non-OEM. But the car wireless charger works properly with an S22U in a case and an S21 in an even thicker Defender.

Hence my question:
Could there be a setting somewhere on the S23 Ultra not to allow non-OEM accessories?
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Nov 6, 2010
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My S22 Ultra charges fine on non Samsung wireless chargers. Have you only tried the one non Samsung? I have a Anker, and another old off brand charger that works fine...

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