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Jun 5, 2011
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Back when I got my Z Fold 3, I bought gear to set myself up to where I don't need to carry my work laptop around when on-call.This worked GREAT and I even spent a few days working exclusively from my phone.

All I really needed was:

1. Internet Connection
2. Headset of some kind for calls/zoom
3. Keyboard (typing CLi commands on the on-screen keyboard is cumbersome)
4. Office (Email (Outlook), Excel and Word mainly)
5. Power (I have a 10k battery that I use for this setup)
6. USB Ports for my security keys
7. HDMI in case I wanted to hook this all to a TV/Monitor

So, I bought a few things (links at the end) and came up with a setup that works great. Now, I have my S23U and I decided to set it up the same. The only down-side is the smaller screen, but hell, there is still MORE than enough space to work.

90% of my work is done on servers in the Cloud, so all I needed was to make sure my Terminal had the keys/credentials for SSH-ing to my main utility servers, and then I could do ALL of my work from there.

Here is what it looks like with my S23U hooked up. I am still getting my keys and all that moved over, but that only takes a few:

MicrosoftTeams-image (9).jpeg
MicrosoftTeams-image (11).jpeg
MicrosoftTeams-image (10).jpeg

Dock Shown: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B095F4FZZY/
Secondary Dock (not shown): https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08PFC2ZW9
Keyboard: https://smile.amazon.com/Bluetooth-iClever-Sensitive-Pocket-Sized-Tri-Folded/dp/B07ZRNJ4DX/


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Jun 5, 2011
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So, i got all my keys transferred over to the phone, so I can SSH into all my utility boxes so I am rocking it now! I am on my work MAC doing the Emails and Teams chats, but ALL of my server work is being done on my phone. LOL!

Oh, and I am testing this on Network connection (no Wifi or Ethernet).

I have connected my desktop KB and Mouse as well as using the folding one pictured.

Here is another Dock I have in case I need some more height...


Link: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08PFC2ZW9/

Thought I would add this too, but this is what I use to power everything (mains power):


Link: https://chargeasap.com/collections/usb-c-wall-chargers-with-gan/products/200w-omega-usb-c-charger

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