S3 Qi charging only works with phone off


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I *was* working fine with the phone on including "wireless charging" popup

I have 2 s3's here one is a spare that I had a wireless charger/antenna for and one is my son's (who's usb port just died and the battery was shot). I moved the battery/antenna from the spare to my son's and put it on the charger, everything worked like a champ. So I ordered a new battery/antenna (and another charger to boot) for the second phone.

new stuff comes in, I put new stuff in son's phone, it no worky. upon examination it appears it DOES charge, but only when the phone is powered off now, with the phone on the charger detects the antenna (blue light) but the phone does not acknowledge it (nor does it charge)

now no combination of battery/antenna/charger seems to produce different results while all work flawlessly with the "spare" phone

any ideas? it's like some setting got toggled that says "ignore qi with power on" and I'm pulling my hair (what's left) over it.

anything's helpful, thanks


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Feb 20, 2016
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any ideas? I am the OP. my son will be by tomorrow afternoon and I'd love to solve this little dilemma (or at least have a plan) before he arrives.

has anybody heard of qi wireless charging only working when the device is off *anywhere*?

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