S4/TouchWiz Phone/Contact/Caller ID Only Displaying First Letter of First Name


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Aug 7, 2013
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Of all the contacts in my phone, the one for my wife will not display or search properly. Although both my Google contact for her and my Exchange contact for her (which are linked in the phone) have her listed by her full first name and last name, every action on the phone that relates to her contact displays her by her first INITIAL only, with the last name. When she calls me, caller ID only displays her first initial and last name. When I try to pull up her number in the phone dialer app by using the alphabetic search (i.e., typing the number combination that has the letters for her first name), her name will NOT come up as a choice if I type her full first name. When I search in my contacts by her first name, her contact does come up in the list with other hits on that same first name, but again, displayed only by her first initial.

I thought perhaps there was some phantom setting buried somewhere that I've given a "nickname" or something like that to her contact, but I can't find anything that is causing this weird treatment of just her contact.

Any ideas out there?

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