S5 switches on for a few seconds,only when plugged. And then, will turn off. And on again. And again


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Hi !
My S5 doesn’t turn on anymore. My water bottle happened to leak a bit in a bag containing my phone.
It would then keep on working for a few hours, and once the battery drained out, it couldn’t be charged nor turned on. I did the rice treatment for about 4 days, and it can turn on , but only when plugged into a charging point. The white lightning bolt on black screen will show up, indicating that it’s charging and that the battery is empty. However, during that process, it will also automatically turn on, and get stuck for about 5 seconds with the black color background and white color Samsung Android words. And it will turn off... And on again. And again. But never past that black and white samsung screen. And the phone actually isn’t charging when plugged in, even tho there is the lightning bolt.
Any help?
My S5 is less than a year old, but I don’t think that the warranty can be used for water damages. (there is a red color dot near the battery, indicating that water was around).
And it’s just a leak.. Nothing compared to dropping it in a pool, sink or toilet..
Maybe it’s a battery problem? Or maybe just need to keep it in the rice for a few more days.


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