S5 Verizon - Where is button/toggle to turn on Mobile Hotspot??

Joe Burnes

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Nov 24, 2014
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The S4 had a button to get you to the hotspot. Now (in what I can only assume is Verizon's way to get you to use wifi data instead of your own data), you have to : slide down, click settings, click more networks, click mobile hotspot, slide it on. That is a ridiculous number of things to do JUST to turn on hotspot (especially when you do it a bunch every day).
NOTE: I'm not looking for a root or hack to be able to use unlimited data. I am on one of the new shared plans that doesn't charge you extra for tethering.
I have also tried tons of widgets from the App store, but they'll work once or twice and then not work and then eventually work again. Basically, they are unreliable.
It's like the S5 learns you are shortcutting and stops it. Verizon seems to try to get you to NOT use your data by making it a PITA to do so.
WHAT can I do? I'm about to go to Verizon and give them the opportunity to fix this or take the phone back. This is ridiculous that my supposed upgrade from S4 to S5 has made things LESS easy.


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Feb 4, 2011
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I don't have my phone in front of me, I should be sleeping and not on a forum.

But, I seem to recall that MacroDroid has an option to turn Mobile Hotspot on/off.

Easy to give it a try and look it over.

The free version will give you 5 macros to play with.

for me, it is so versatile, that I paid for the upgrade.

Not sure what you will use to trigger it.... but, as much as you seem to be using it, I would trigger it on/off with the screen.


Macro #1
Trigger: Screen Unlocked
Action: Enable Mobile Hotspot

Macro #2
Trigger: Screen OFF
action: Disable Mobile Hotspot