s6 edge stuck in artifacted blue screen boot loop

ceu g

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Feb 3, 2017
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Hey everyone,
A couple months ago I woke up and unplugged my phone and turned it on, and it was stuck in a boot loop with an odd blue refraction in the screen. (see photos). It's a fully unlocked S6 edge (SM-G925F) bought from Credo mobile in mid 2015, and worked more or less seamlessly (no root) until that night. It wont respond to any bootup commands including force battery cutoff and recovery mode, but it will enter download mode with the screen artifacting still visible. I had to travel, so I just briefly ran Odin and installed fresh firmware, but I didn't see any difference and OEM lock was on, so i couldn't do much more. I just threw it in my bag and figured I'd work on it later, and just used the GR3 backup phone from work.
2 months later I finally got to take a look at it, and i'm stumped. At first glance i just thought it was bootloader/data corruption, but now I'm not so sure. Any ideas? dirty wall power maybe?

---EDIT- Will post pictures if helpful, but the forums wont let me post links until i have 10 posts. Thanks again!----