S6 Edge will only charge via Qi or USB direct to pc, why?


Nov 20, 2014
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s6 edge will only charge via Qi or USB direct to pc

last night my s6 drained down and shut off. i plugged it in, but only for about 5 mins (i was headed out with the kids). anyway i noticed in 5 mins the charge went to 12%. so i unplugged it, powered it on and it booted up and started beeping randomly (as if a button was being held down or something). the screen seemed to be randomly flickering (i.e. refreshing) i shut it down, and when i got home i plugged it in and it wouldn't charge. i tried various cables and charging blocks, nothing worked.

i left it plugged in overnight, nothing. this morning i plugged it into the pc, and it started charging. i got it up to 30%, headed to work and yet again i can only get it to charge via qi or direct to pc. i've tried cleaning the contacts on the usb connector with a toothpick, but nothing seems to do the trick.

I even factory reset it, and alas! i got it to charge, to about 60%, then i unplugged it, headed to a meeting and now it won't charge again.

is there something up with my battery? right now it's on the Qi and i'll let it charge to 100% but i'm unsure what i can do/try at this point.

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