s6 gone from taking excellent pictures to almost always blurry if NOT completely still


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May 13, 2013
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I was using my phone to take pictures of my kids birthday party, nearly all pictures have come out blurry or aspects of it blurry - where someone is slightly moving their head or hand or slightly swaying.
When my phone was new, I took pics and they came out beautifully crystal clear - kids coming down a fast slide.
I was using default settings, auto mode.

I left the plastic film on as it wasn't affecting the quality before, I've taken it off now and still getting the same blurry results.
I've tried switch Tracking AF on and off and Video stablization on and off. doesn't make much of a difference.
I've download the Fast Sports App - doesn't really make much of a difference.

The case I have is a wallet type case which leaves the camera and flash exposed. I'm wondering if over time, the phone being put in and out of pockets the lens may have become somewhat damaged, hence the results.

What really annoys me about most cases, the most leave the camera - arguably one of the most intricate and delicate pieces on the phone exposed. Why can't they have a simple slide cover to cover the camera and so protect it. I looked around for such a case and could not find one anywhere. The only option was to use a pouch - which I didn't really want to do - as my previous phone slipped out of one and got smashed.

Owen Kim

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Dec 18, 2013
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Seems like there's a hardware failure. Have you dropped your phone hard recently?

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