S6 Screen broke last night, any tips on how to retrieve my Memo's?


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May 3, 2018
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Last night I tossed my phone onto my bed and it bounced up and tapped the wall. I've dropped it plenty of times in the past and it has always held out, but sadly this time it wasn't to be.

Afterwards, the bottom half of my screen was completely black, but I could still unlock it using the main button and the top half of the screen was still usable. I hooked it up to my laptop and immediately transferred all of my pictures and media over, but for some reason Memo's don't appear in the folders list, and I have so much important information stored in my Memo's. I tried to access them through the top half of the screen but the icon was just below the crack, sadly.

After waking up this morning I've noticed that the rest of my screen has now gone black, except for a very small section in the top corner (so I can still just about make out if the phone is on or off). Calls are still coming through to it too, but obviously I can't answer them.

The main thing for me at this point is retrieving the Memo's, ideally I'll save the phone too but at this point I would just accept the Memo's. The possible solutions I've read/had suggested so far are:

Access the Memo's through the phone screen - Tried and failed

Connect the phone to your TV/Computer and sharescreen to view Memo's - I'm going to try this when I get home, but I have a feeling it won't work as I won't be able to approve of any permissions on the phone screen.

Have the screen repaired - My problem with this is that it will cost £120 which is basically the price of buying the same phone brand new. I probably will end up pursuing this if all else fails because I really need to the information I have stored on the phone, but I'm also concerned that the phone would be wiped when sent away for repair.

Have the memory chip removed and access the information on another device - This sounds like a good option but I've not really got any idea where to start with it. Would the Memo's be saved on the memory chip? Is it possible to even remove the chip? How could I access the data once removed? Etc.

Does anybody have any other suggestions that I've missed or advice?

Thank you!


Jul 14, 2011
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Can you unlock the phone? If so you can still back up everything in it using Smart Switch on a computer or another phone. Another option would be to use SideSync, which also allows you to mirror the screen on your computer and interact with it with the mouse and keyboard, but this requires you to have installed SideSync AND approve the connection on your phone so that might not be an option.
I can't remember if the S6 still supports HDMI output through MHL but if it does and your screen still responds to touch that is another way to mirror the screen onto your TV.

Lastly, if you had it enabled, your memos should be synced to your Samsung or Evernote account (depending on which one you chose), so they might already be backed up elsewhere (the advantage of Evernote is that you could use them on their web page versus the Samsung one that only works if you restore to another Samsung phone)

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