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s7 edge NOT acknowledging sd card


AC Question

I have an s7 edge that i got after the horrible note 7 experience. Since the last update (maybe 2 weeks ago, i cant recall) the phone will no longer aknowledge my sd card at all. Doesnt say its corrupt, doesnt say for me to insert sd card. NOTHING at all.

i do not even have any sd card settings under the setting menu. the only thing that comes up when i search in settings to encrypt the card . In camera options it doesnt even give me the ooption to switch to sd storage.

I have tried the other card in different devices and it works perfectly.

I contacted samsung support and the rep told me that its because i have a non samsung card so its incompatible with the device. mind you this is the same card ive used since i got this phone.

in addition, i can no longer get my phone to connect to my gearfit 2 once it is paired. Seems this latest update did no good with my device

Has anyone else experienced this? Solutions other than master resetting?


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
If the card was formatted as "adoptable storage", you don't logically have external storage (even though you can see the card in there), it's been adopted as part of internal storage. You can no longer treat internal and external storage as 2 different things. If you want it the old way, you'll have to reformat the card ad "portable storage".