S7 keeps saying "Here are some things you can try" even after I've stopped using it.

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After installing the most recent update, my phone started randomly saying "Here are some things you can do when your phone is offline" in an extremely shrill voice. It says that even when my phone ISN'T offline; during some of the times that I hear this, I'm watching Netflix, using Maps, surfing Google etc. I tried these steps:

1 Make sure you have the latest version of the Google app. (To get the latest version, go to the Google app page on the Play Store and tap Update).
2 If yes, then try uninstalling recent updates. Go to Settings > Apps > Google > Tap on menu (three vertical dots) on the top right corner > Uninstall updates.
3 Try clearing cache and data. Go to Settings > Apps > Google > Storage > Clear cache. Tap on Manage space > Clear all data.
4 If that doesn't help, disable Google and then re-enable it. Go to Settings > Apps > Google > Tap on Disable > and then tap on Enable. If you have the option to uninstall Google, then uninstall the app and reinstall it.
5 Restart your device.

Ever since then, the original announcement stopped, but now I get a new one: "Here are some things you can try" in the same very shrill, annoying voice. I never asked the Assistant to explain how to do something on the phone, or anything like that. Just messing around on my phone, per usual. Sometimes I hear it about a minute after I've used it.

Can someone please tell me how to get these to stop? Thank you.