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Dion Penner

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Feb 17, 2016
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have been hearing a lot of rumours saying that the S7 will be 10 percent cheaper and other saying it will cost more. What do you think the actually cost will be. I live in Canada and with the weak dollar some websites are saying it will be $1100! I know our dollar is only .72 of the USA but will Samsung raise the price to be exactly equal to the US dollar? (Right now the s6 edge is 850 which is not that much more expensive than the USA variant) I don't think it will sell well if it 600 dollars on contract and more than the iphone.

Other points/questions

-Which processor will the Canadian version get? Their was a leak about the Bell version on geekbench getting the exynos 8890 but is the exynos confirmed for Canada, as that is the one I would prefer.

-Why would they make the edge 5.5 inches? Are they getting rid of the edge plus? 5.5 and 5.7 inches are way to close to justify making another phone.

-How much more will the s7 edge be now that it has a bigger screen?

Any answers would be nice and I just like discussing new phones. So what do you guys think about the S7?

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