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I just purchased a Samsung wireless charging pad for my phone, the fast one. And I've come to find I cant charge my phone wireless, nor can I find any option to enable under Battery > Advanced Settings.

For something as simple as placing my phone on the pad, have I miss a crucial step?

Have I been miss-leaded into believing my S8+ has wireless charge ability?


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Jul 27, 2011
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Both the S8, and the S8+ are designed to charge wirelessly. There is a setting under "Advanced Features - Accessories" to enable fast wireless charging. However, I've had a terrible time getting any kind of wireless charging to work properly on my phone. My first S8+ worked for about 2 days with wireless charging, and then just quit charging. I spent hours and hours trying to debug it and never could get it to work and finally went in and had it replaced with a new one by Best Buy.

My second phone worked for about 5 days on the wireless charger, and then just quit charging. I've tried 3 different wireless chargers including a Samsung branded puck, different outlets, different charging cords, clearing the cache, etc etc.

For a while, I found out I could start it wireless charging while it was sitting on the puck by calling my own phone. However, even with this method, the phone would say that it is quick charging, but it actually lost charge while just sitting on the charger without me touching it.

I've spent hours on the phone with Samsung technical support trying to debug this, and they finally told me to mail it into them and that they would look it over. I'm unwilling to be without my phone for that length of time and so I'm just living without wireless charging, it's incredibly frustrating.
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