S8/S8+, no media audio option on all 2011-2013 kia/hyundais w/ navigation!!!


Oct 11, 2011
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On these vehicles I am unable to stream audio and do not get the media audio option within the Bluetooth settings. I have duplicated this on multiple Kia/Hyundai vehicles and other users have complained of the same issue. The software on my 2013 Optima w/ navigation is up to date. The Kia Bluetooth team basically stated it's an android issue and won't be doing anything to rectify this situation.

The first time I connect and hit media audio on my stereo it'll show the song name but it'll never show another song. It'll also let me use the head unit to change songs. Same deal in all other media apps on the S8+.

I can stream audio on any other device other than 2011 to 2013 KIA and Hyundai cars w/ navigation. Streaming and media audio options are available on my note 3, note 5 and S5 w/o issues. I also noticed using anote 7 it is the same thing. Phone calls do route audio through the car speakers properly just no media audio option.

Google passes the buck saying "Your device is using Samsung's heavily customised version of Android which this website has no visibility of so cannot support. You need to speak to Samsung for user support and issues with their devices and their software. Thanks."

Samsung hasn't been of any help in the past and Kia talked to their BT dev team and said they have no intention to push any fix for this issue w/ the Samsung phones.

Tons of others have this issue and here is the ticket I created for the S7 which is the same as the S8.

My new ticket which the will probably just pass the buck on:

I really hope I don't have to return my phone because they cannot resolve what appears to be a BT protocol compatibility issue.


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Apr 22, 2017
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I'm having the same issue playing Google play music over bluetooth in My 2011 Ford. The phone connects foe phone audio but not music. It won't even allow me turn on the media audio.

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