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So I work for a Help Desk and due to the current COVID-19 situation, some people are working from home, while the rest stay in office. I am one of the people working from home.

At the moment the team members who are still in office are the ones who are maning the call centre phones. If a caller is for one of the people who are working from home, they transfer the call to our mobiles.

However, I have had a couple of situations where once I have finished assisting the customer with their job that is assigned to me, they have asked a question about another job they have with another colleague. Generally, at work, we just transfer them through to the relevant team member.

However, I currently cannot figure out how to transfer the call to my help desk colleagues work number.

At first, I thought that maybe if I conference call my colleague's desk number in to the call there would be an option for me to just end the call on my end and the phone call will still continue between the customer and my colleague. But when I end the call on my phone, it just ends up ending the call altogether.

When I try Googling it, all that comes up are how to conference call or how to set up a number forwarding system on your mobile. Which is not what I want.

At the moment, I tell the customers, as I am working from home I am unable to transfer them back, they will need to call up the help desk team number again, most people have been understanding. But I really want to figure out if it is possible to transfer the call to another number so that they don't have to go back into the phone queue and ultimately causing the customer more time waiting to speak to a person.

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