Samsung A20 - Android 11 with Odin


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Jul 6, 2011
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I currently have a Samsung A20. Samsung indicated that this would receive 2 OS upgrades. It started out on Android 9 when released and Android 11 was released last year for the A20. The A20 model I have is the SM-A205U and the phone was for “Metro by Tmobile” but was unlocked and works on Tmobile (which is my provider). So it boots up with the “Metro” logo but works on Tmobile. I don’t know how it was unlocked as I bought it off ebay over a year ago and has worked flawlessly on Tmobile.

I’ve grown frustrated at Tmobile/Metro by Tmobile and my guess is they are not releasing the Android 11 upgrade even though Verizon did last year for the A20. I’m currently on October 21’ security update on Android 10. Many others that have the A20 on the internet are irritated as well based on researching this. I came across an article saying I could use something called Samsung Odin and flash it to Android 11.

Is this correct, and if so are there any good instructions (preferably step by step) for doing so?

If capable of upgrading to Android 11 through Odin, I have some questions:

1. Will there be any noticeable/big differences in doing this since Tmobile doesn’t offer Android 11 for the A20?

2. When installing Android 11 does it wipe the phone? Meaning should I save my contacts and pictures onto my mini SD card as a precaution? When upgrading from Android 9 to Android 10 through Tmobile I didn’t have to.

3. Will installing Android 11 on my phone cause any issues when working with Tmobile network (text, pictures, calls,…etc).

4. How do software security updates/improvements work when it comes to downloading with this phone after updating to Android 11? Currently I go to settings>software update>download and install and then it checks for updates. Will they come from T-Mobile/Metro by Tmobile or will I have to update through Odin when an update comes out? Also, how will I know when updates come out? I know the high end models have monthly updates but I think mine is set for quarterly/6 month security updates depending on the carrier.

5. Are there any known bugs when upgrading to Android 11 for this phone with Samsung Odin (I know it’s an entry level phone but thought I’d ask).

6. Any other things I should know?