Samsung A7 (2018) black screen - how to enable usb debugging

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Hi, I droped my Galaxy A7 and now it is with black screen. The device working - when I connected with PC,the PC see the phone. Also when I start Smart Switch also see phone,but ask to allow usb file transfer - I cant do that becouse the phone screen is totaly black.

So is there any chance to enable usb debugging, so I can transfer the information from the phone to the PC ?


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Dec 6, 2011
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Welcome to Android Central.

If you are unable to make this selection are you able to unlock the phone? I realize that you cannot see the images on the screen but the digitizer is likely still working and responsive, only you cannot see what you're selecting. Most of us can probably draw our patterns with our eyes closed from muscle memory and approximating where on the screen to draw the pattern. You might find a mirroring technique that only requires the phone to be on and unlocked, then you could use that as your screen to dig down and access the debugging option.

You didn't mention if you're doing this because you do not plan to get the screen repaired but if you repaired the screen you shouldn't loose any data. Just FYI.

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