Samsung Battery Life Horrible on My GALAXY Note 4 and S4


Jul 6, 2018
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Samsung Battery Life Horrible On My GALAXY Note 4 and S4

Okay so I have had a GALAXY Note 4 for a few weeks, first time having this "Phablet" and besides these few issues, the phone is excellent in quality and design. My problem lies within the device somewhere.

Since I've had my Note 4, it has "had a mind of its own" - basically it will randomly shut off going into a continuous rebooting sequence. (Showing the main screen when you power on) and sometimes reaching the Sprint logo graphic which is next. Then it repeats.

I'm also having this problem with the front-facing camera where it refuses tk work and when you switch to it you get this Black screen before quickly transitioning back to whatever page you was on before accessing the camera app.

Research tells me it's battery related - how is that so when I have a practically brand new device. Not a puffy battery with water damage, my battery is like NEW. Last night I traded a lady a Fitbit for a Galaxy S4 (AT&T) and was practically praying it wasn't going to have the same ill-fated issue. You guessed it right. Not only does it have the same issue with rebootjng but it takes a freaking year ti charge it and wheb its like 9 percent you cant even use it even WITH it plugged in, still reboots.

Anyone have any tips on how to fix this. I would greatly appreciate it cause I am sure (at least once) you have felt the pain of working on something hard whether its a thought out Text, picture design or whatever - only to have it all deleted and you have tk start again (and you know you'll never word it the right way)


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Feb 12, 2012
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1. Never discharge a lithium battery down below 40%. It sounds as if you're looking for the last drop of power you can get from it before recharging it - and that can kill a perfect battery in a month.,

2. So replace the batteries and keep them between 40% and 80% (regularly charging to 100% has been found to shorten the battery life too) and see what happens. If either or both phones still don't work right, try reflashing the firmware. (And remember, you're talking about a 4 year old phablet and a 5 year old phone. Whether they're new to you or not is irrelevant - they're old phones, and can be full of junk and malware [which reflashing will fix].) Lucky it's easy to flash a Samsung - see [Samsung] How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN.

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