Samsung car dock stops charging after a while

John Mathews1

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Aug 11, 2013
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I have had a problem charging my phone when its in the car dock. It will work for a few hours and then charging stops and the battery soon goes flat (usually because I have Satnav on at the time).

The problem has existed for at least a year and during that time I have tried numerous different chargers including another Samsung curly lead charger, several different makes of car charger and several different cables including my current AC mode charging cable. I assumed that the USB connection to the dock was at fault or that the charger was falling out of the accessory (cigarette lighter) socket. Over the year the phone firmware has been updated several times so it seems unlikely that the fault is software related - and as it usually takes about an hour before the charging stops its difficult to identify what is causing the problem - and you might like to know that Samsung are not interested in their own branded accessories which are not covered by their warranty

By co-incidence I mentioned the problem to my son who has the same setup and he has been having exactly the same problem! As you probably know, the phone connects to the dock via a small 3 way connector and the dock has pins which push against the connector. They all look clean and appear to be making good contact however if I take the phone out of the dock and connect it direct t the USB cable after a while it starts charging again.

Is anyone else having the same problem - or even cured it?