Samsung Galaxy A54 vs. A34: Which should you buy?


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May 4, 2023
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I think the a34 might be the better phone value, for many. I have played with it at the Samsung store in Korea and the a34's Dimensity processor is actually near parity with the Exynos in the a54. See online tests. And some say the Dimensity is better optimized, at launch. Where the a54 has it is WIFI6, while the a34 is WIFI5. Faster connection and transfer speeds are on tap for the a54. But at this price point, the a34 user is not going to care. That type of user will be pulled from the a14's and a24-level people who really want that nice, huge 120hz screen for media. Cameras on the a34, while not premium, are actually very decent in daylight. The real-world price difference is actually larger than what you noted, here.