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Samsung galaxy j6 plus touchscreen unresponsive after restart

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Hi guys,

I have a one year old Samsung Galaxy J6+ phone. It's a little slow and not the best, but ok with me. Unfortunately I dropped it, and I had to get the screen changed. For a while it worked all right, until the first software update. After that, when it restarted, I wasn't able to enter the pin code anymore, or do anything that involves the touchscreen. The guy who did the job couldn't give me answers, sink brought it to the next shop, where they changed the screen saying the problem was that the last shop didn't give me the original screen.

Now I restarted the phone again, and I am not able to enter my pin or do anything on the touchscreen either.

Can you guys please recommend an option other then throwing the phone under the bus or hard reset it? The data I have on it is extremely important. In addition here not one single phone shop is open due to Corona, I am on my own 😁


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Feb 6, 2017