Samsung Galaxy Light USB OTG?


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Mar 30, 2015
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1 – The OS is 4.4.2 that it came with from MetroPCS
2 – Rooted

I bought a Sandisk 64GB OTG storage device that has both micro and normal size male USB 2.0 connectors, hoping to make it easy to transfer files and do backups I could store on my Win 8.1 laptop.

I have tried a couple of diagnostic apps from the Play Store. Both tell me that my device is OTG ready but neither the included file manager app nor ES File Explorer recognize it.

I found a note on the Sandisk site indicating that some devices don’t like 64GB and, per their recommendation, reformatted it to FAT32. It works fine on the laptop but still no joy on the Galaxy Light.

What am I missing/how do I get the Galaxy to recognize it?


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Dec 6, 2015
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I actually just got the Galaxy light to use as a play toy as well. I rooted mine and got a bunch of modd apps. I dont have an otg cord yet I just plug into the pc with normal phine cord into the usb and read through. I did however pick up a 64gb micro sd and works great on here. Phone capacity says only 32gb though. I used my high end device galaxy s5 and used it to format the card first. Then put into the galaxy light. I tried to do that before but it wouldn't read in the light even with the format function. Maybe the same will work for you

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