samsung galaxy nexus vs htc one s speeds

Jun 1, 2012
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I know there are other threads like this but, i have different needs.
I plan on using the $30 a month tmobile plan with 5gb 4g data. I can get a galaxy nexus unlocked on google play for $ 400 and the htc one s for 450. My main concern was if there was a considerable difference i data speed between the hspa+ 21 mbps versus the htc's 42 hspa+ data speeds. i still dont get this much and am still confused if it means double the speed. i am a data hog and right now im on virgin mobile *shudder* and it has really slow 3g using sprint. 4g datais available on tmo where i live( its the only one where i live that gets 4g) , and i was just curious if there was a considerable difference in speed. If there is, then I will get an HTC one s and if not then the galaxy nexus it is. I have foud there are pros and cons and i have settled on this being the breaking point. thanks to all who answer!:)


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Apr 30, 2012
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There can be a significant jump in speed depending on where you live. At my rural home I only get 2g (edge) and It's actually usable. In Park City Utah it changes to 4g but speeds are anywhere from 5-7mbps down and up but when I get to Salt Lake valley I have seen speeds 20+ down and 15 or so up, which is faster than my fiber line to my home.

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Aug 7, 2012
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i think you should make poll, if you do, i will chosse HTC. i had changed two samsung, and both of them have the bad speed, and often lost sensitivity, i don;t know why, but when i got this HTC, the slow speed and lost sensitivity naver happened.:)