Samsung Galaxy Note 3 neo where are the LDI located?


Dec 9, 2014
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Right now I’m quite worried about those things and hopefully his topic will help me to relax a bit and just enjoy my phone :(

Since a little while I have a Samsung Note 3 neo and lately I heard people talk about water indicator stickers and that with a single tiny drop of rain or a slightly wet hand due sweat at the wrong place can already void your warranty even though you wipe it dry right away. Is that really true?

I have been looking for pictures to see where exactly those water indicator stickers can be. Are they in/next to the headset socket so one tiny drop can indeed make those indicators pink/red? And if they are so close to the socket why don’t they provide a plug to close it she we are no using it?

It’s my very first time I have a device so expensive and those water indicators are new to me and I’m kind of scared that my warranty will be gone in no time even though I don’t let my phone swim, don’t use it when my hair is wet, don’t put it in the bathroom and such.
All in all I’m already extra careful but with those stories online I get the feeling it’s not enough. So I hope to find where those indicators are and how fast they turn pink/red.

I’m not from the US or Canada by the way but still seeing various locations of those stickers can help.

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