Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone call issue - Call ended immediately when making a phone call


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Mar 1, 2014
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** by searching online, it seems this is a general issue for many android phones for any carrier **

From Day 1 I got this new AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 I started experiencing this phone call issue.

*Unable to make a phone call - Call ended immediately after dialing
*LTE signal is pretty good.
*Phone signal is available, and it doesn't matter how many bars it got when the issue happens.

*reboot the phone, it works after a reboot.
*toggle Caller ID options to trigger network reset.

*Stock 4.3 Jellybean.
*no modification other than downloaded apps from Google Play store.

On Day 4 of using this new phone, I experienced 4 incidents of this issue. It is becoming quite annoying especialy when I was trying to make a time-crucial important phone calls.

I'm a long time iPhone user just converted to android this week and I already got some major issues, first text message can't be sent, then this phone call issue. really frustrating now. As a comparison, y iPhone 3G, 4s, 5 didn't have any such issue in the same areas. Any help is appreciated.



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Feb 12, 2012
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The only solution to problems with a new phone is to bring it back. It's supposed to work out of the box. If it doesn't, it gores back to the store, then the distributor, then the manufacturer. It's their problem. You walk out of the store with a working phone.

And I haven't heard that "a lot of android phones" had problems with phone calls. There have been a lot of problems, with different carriers, with different phones, with different updates, but an Android-wide "can't make a phone call" problem? That would have been all over the industry in days. (And I've been making phone calls on Android phones, on different carriers, for a long time before the Note 3 came out - with no unexplainable problems. [There's a place around here - a very small area - that Sprint doesn't cover. At all. I need coverage in that area. Which is why I changed carriers. But it had nothing to do with Android, it had to do with tower placement and terrain.])