Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Uninstall Kitkat Update


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It appears, upon doing some research, that my lovely phone went from being useful to useless about a month ago due to the automatic update to KitKat (Android version 4.4.2). I went from have great signal reception and 0 dropped calls to very sketchy signal reception and TONS of dropped calls. So, I'm ready to ditch the Kit!

So how can I uninstall this update and revert back to the previous version? I understand there may have been some glitches in it, but at least under that system I could still get phone calls, make calls, get timely notice of voice mails and text messages, and basically enjoy the benefits of having a high tech phone. I have none of that now!!!!

Can someone please help me? I'm feeling lost and confused and just want my phone to work right again.


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Dec 4, 2012
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You can try using a PC program called Odin and try to reflash the stock firmware.

A few things to be aware of:
1. You may get prompted to update to KitKat.
2. Samsung may have added conflicting firmwares to prevent from rolling back which may brick the device.

Have you tried a factory reset? Often after a major update like this the framework needs to be rebuilt.