Samsung Galaxy Note 5 getting hot when on the Samsung Wireless (QI) Charging Pad


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Feb 15, 2016
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Here are my experience with the Samsung wireless charging pad. I had it for one week and started to notice that my phone was getting hot when left overnight on the charging pad.

To give an idea how I had my phone was on the charging pad, imagine the LED light of the charging pad facing north and I had my phone facing east to west long ways. The top of the phone was usually on the west side of the charging pad LED. This configuration made my phone hot while charging.
I don’t know if having charging pad and phone at a different angle that might have play a role in this.
I was using a CHOE 50W Multi Port USB Charger Rapid USB Charger 6 port charger with charging pad and cable.

I ended up putting both the phone and LED light to both face north, with top of the phone being on the north side as well.
I was using the wall charger and cable that came with charging pad directly to a wall outlet.
What I found that the all facing north setup seem to work better with the phone, saw the phone battery temp would only got up to 90 degrees.

I am not too sure if the 6 port charger would decease power overnight and the charging pad compensate for this and start asking for more power, thus starting a power tug of war where it made the phone temp for that battery be 124 degrees in the morning.

Here is my advice, it seem to me that charging pad wants to be connected to the adapter that it came with. So if the cable size is a problem, buying a longer one should not be an issue.

This is just my experience with this, so please take this information for what is.

I hope this help.
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