Samsung Galaxy S2 OPINIONS

Greg L Joplin

Sep 27, 2011
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I did a lot of research into getting a new phone and I ended up getting the Samsung because its the best phone out right NOW. I'm really surprised at how many people in various forums complain about the sound quality,hot battery,battery not lasting long. I really wonder if some of these people own the phone or maybe they were in a bad mood and had to take their frustration out on someone? And there are those people that have tried the phone and just don't like it at all.And those of you that LOVE the phone. I don't believe everything I hear here. I take the information and go and check out the phone in person. I recorded my cds onto my PC and than transferred them to my S2 in the Wave format and took my pair of Bowers &Watkins(B&W)P5 headphones to try on the S2 and the sound is really good in my books and I know and appreciate good sound. The battery last me a day no problem and I have had no heat issues. Also not everyone is really technical and just want a great phone and there are those that no matter what the company does its going to be crap.Last but not least we have technical people that understand the jargon. What if we all worked together to make sure that everyone gets their best phone. I know I have mine.:cool:
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