Samsung galaxy s3 bluetooth connection problems on Pioneer AVH-X5750BT on CALLS ONLY!!!


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Feb 2, 2016
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Hey guys..I just bought a Pioneer AVH-X5750BT n I have a samsung galaxy s3. My phone is well connected on the receiver n music playing very well..BUT wen receiving a rings in my car speaker but I can't hear the person & neither he can hear me!!! PLZ HELP!!! Samsung galaxy s5, sony xperia z1, z3 plus everything OK wen calling n receiving calls but mine NO!!!


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Feb 12, 2012
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Bluetooth still isn't perfected. The specs specify how to get data from one device to another - they don't specify what the data is or has to look like. So the S3 and the Pioneer may not be compatible as far as phone calls go. See if Pioneer has an update and make sure your S3 is updated. (It could also be that the Pioneer works with the version of Bluetooth in Lollipop but not in KitKat, and you're running KitKat in the S3 - and can't update it to Marshmallow. In that case, there's nothing you can do.)