samsung galaxy s3 i535 Stuck in setup wizard after a lot of rooting

Ipodd Linlin

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Mar 2, 2014
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hello i have a samsung galaxy s3 i535
schi535rwb 16gb
and i was playing with it since i knew noting about rooting but i succeed in rooting and flashing several times and install cyanogenmod and hellfire, etccc...with odin
the phone now is the binary counter is 19 i know i like to play with stuff to learn, but them i restore the phone original firmware
thinking the counting binary was 10 and that was because was frozen in setup wizard so i update it,
in download mode is qualcomm secureboot enable and the phone load until the setup wizard.

i just want to know if is possible to fix this i just want to know i can not find anything on google
i am not worry about the root part right know because i know it possible to root it and unlock the boot loader again but is possible to fix this
and custom binary 19 injecting. before the update in kies windows but i just want to see if i can get the phone out of setup wizard. and make it run again is not is ok i keep playing with it :D
just like to mess with everything and learn.

but i do have another ?
the custom binary count can be eraser in other way than the app Triangle Away.
and thanks for taking time to explain to me :D and help.

i know images looks blurry but the download mode you can see the bootloarder enable and the 19 counter also in the other image is the wizard frozen part


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